Yes, I shot my own engagement photos (or "No, it's not a watch ad")

Washington, DC - March 2013

Beginner's Tip #3: In DC, when you're at the Navy Yard taking photos by the Anacostia River, it gets a little cold.

I've known my wife since we were freshmen in high school.  Since we were kids she's always been the best thing ever.  God bless her for putting up with me because I can have some crazy ideas.

So there we were, in need of engagement photos to send our our invitations and I had the bright idea to do them using an IR remote trigger and some guess-work.  I would set up the camera, take sample shots while Stephanie stood there in her jacket freezing.  One the settings were right, the jackets came off and I shot away.  I still love these photos.  I catch flack from the wife about how it looks like a watch ad for Bulova, but you have to admit, that's a nice watch.

Which reminds me...

Beginner's Tip #3a: If you're going to wear jewelry that may stick out, be subtle, don't put it front and center the way I did.  A second set of eyes looking at the raw photos helps.  You have a display on the back of that nice camera: USE IT!


Camera: D600  Lens: 50 ƒ/1.4  Editing: Aperture 3, Portraiture