A new chapter, a new website!

Well, here it is.  After a couple of years of the same old, too dark, too basic, too amateur website, I've finally upgraded!  While taking a peak be sure to notice some of the features that were the most important to me:

  • better presentation of photos
  • easier site layout
  • quicker navigation to the important details
  • better commerce options
  • ease of use to set up and maintain

Along with a new site comes a new section, which you've found!  Welcome to the blog.  Still to this day, one of my favorite insights on the "blog" was stated by Hank Moody in Californication.  I shouldn't say what those insights were on this site, but I'll try to live up to them, including leaving out things like LOL and BRB.

To start, you'll start seeing blogs from older shoots along with those from newer shoots.  I'll leave tips and things that I've learned as we move through the years.  I'll also add the gear used as well as the software I edited everything with.  

With that said, take a look around, comment, share your thoughts and remember to Pin and Like away!